Belknap Crater

August 8, 2010

What a nice hike — nice folks, nice weather and great views (what happened to all the smoke overnight?). We left the trailhead at McKenzie Pass and started north up the PCT about 10:00 a.m. The first half-mile of trail is in trees, but it soon enters the Little Belknap lava field. After another 2.5 miles through the open lava we pass by Little Belknap and shortly thereafter we leave the PCT and cross-country to the base of Belknap Crater’s cinder cone, where the steep ascent through scree toward the crater rim begins. But, before long we arrived for lunch on top about 12:30. Almost the entire trip provided great views of the Sisters, Mt. Washington and surrounding area, with the view from the top being the most spectacular. After a long, leisurely lunch we did a quick slip and slide down the scree and hiked to Little Belknap where we explored the lava tubes. A three mile hike back to the trailhead finished a great day about 4:00 for this congenial group of hikers.

Hikers were members Marianne Camp, Linda Christiansen, Janet Jacobsen, John Jacobsen (leader), Ernst Schwintzer, Lamonte Smith and Darko Sojak; and nonmembers Frank Chemotti, Juliana Cichy, Jane Engert, Chuck Harpham and Art Kearney.

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