Our Daily Bread/3 Hills to Veneta Loop

August 7, 2010

Sunday was a great day to go climb a few hills... sunny but not too hot. Seven Obsidians met at the parking lot at Twin Oaks Elementary Schools, all of us familiar faces. As we were about to start the ride we met two other bikers who were off on their own ride. We convinced them to join us, so our group grew to nine. The difference between our fastest rider (George) and our slowest rider (me!) was about ten minutes, so George generously agreed (armed with detailed directions) to lead the faster group. After getting the three big hills behind us, we all met for lunch at Our Daily Bread, then slowly pedaled our way back to our cars... not a hill in sight. Thanks George for helping out.

Bikers were members Barb Bruns, Paul Garrick, Lynn Gilman-Garrick (leader), George Jobanek, Sharon Richie, Guy Strahon and Judy Terry; and nonmembers Bob McGrath and Sue McGrath.

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