Lowder Mountain

July 24, 2010

Lowder Mountain is a favorite hike because it provides a great view of the Cascades for the least amount of work, while providing amazing meadows of wild flowers if the timing is right. Saturday, July 24 proved to be perfect for both as our group of eleven made its way through meadows of columbine, thimbleberry, tiger lilies, lupine, larkspur, cow parsnip, paintbrush, and many other flowers. As we came around the mountain to the south side, we had nice views of Diamond Peak. We climbed to the top and made our way east through a field of catís ears to the overlook where every peak from Mt. Hood to Mt. Bachelor was in full view. It was a spectacular sight with every mountain out in all its glory. We had a leisurely lunch as we enjoyed the views, then made our way back through the same fields of wildflowers to the trailhead. It was a great way to spend a beautiful summer day, enjoyed by members Pat Esch, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Dick Hildreth, Yuan Hopkins, Joanne Ledet, John Moser, Sarah Praskievicz, Noy Rathakette, and soon-to-be members Cora Payne and George Turner.

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