Chucksney Mountain

July 20, 2010

Not the best beginning: we had walked less than ten minutes before losing one of our group members due to mistaken directions from the trip leader. Blowing whistles proved ineffective. Soon we were reunited and in a counterclockwise loop climbed on up the mountain under pleasant conditions. Wildflower blooming seemed delayed in the meadows below the summit. After lunch at the highest knoll with views of many of our favorite peaks, we proceeded along the ridge where we found one patch of bear grass in particularly beautiful full bloom. Under the influence of the trolls we were sure must live there, we lolled, crawled, and played around among the blooms for awhile before continuing around the loop. Descending to the trailhead through the cool forest along Box Canyon Creek were hikers Brad Bennett, Ernst Schwintzer, Dick Hildreth, Janet Jacobsen, Mari Baldwin, Chris Stockdale, and leader Rob Castleberry.

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