Jones Trail

July 11, 2010

The Jones Trail is rarely hiked but was cleared earlier this year by Willamette Forest volunteers who removed multiple downed trees and introduced this hearty climb to the trip leader. The initial challenge is finding the trailhead which involves taking the Fall Creek trail from the east end of Bedrock Campground up about a quarter mile of switchbacks to the hillside start of Jones Trail. The climbing continues, steeply at first, for a total vertical of 2000 feet while gaining about six miles horizontally. Three Obsidians and one guest had been promised only half this vertical by the sign up sheet. They also added two miles along Fall Creek before the hike actually began to bring their total sweaty mileage on this 85+ degree day to eight big ones. Still the views were great and the flowers persistent. Bear scat was found but not the depositor. Enthusiastic and well exercised hikers included Peter Graham, Darko Sojak, Paul Flashenberg, Larry Dunlap and potential member Cynthia Kuest.

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