Lawler Trail

June 27, 2010

An initial climb through the woods brought us up to the ridgetop with views to the left past Oakridge to those familiar snowy peaks. Soon, to the right, a distant Mt. Pisgah emerging from the valley haze. Ma Nature was doing her florid Spring Fling in the rocky meadows with pinks, blues, whites. We came nowhere near scratching all the cat’s ears. Lots of big trees along the trail escaped past logging binges. Our three energizer bunnies charged up the mountain, politely stopping for Grey Beard and Silver Mane who huffed and puffed to catch up. After lunch at Lone Wolf shelter, the compulsively energetic cajoled us into continuing to the top of Patterson Mtn. That extra jaunt, well worth the effort, brought the total hike mileage to 14. As we returned some words were said, an attempt at a joke (ha, ha!). Feelings were hurt :(, perhaps worsened because we hadn’t napped at the summit despite the leader’s inclinations. A note regarding trail etiquette: suggesting a fellow hiker resembles a sasquatch may be misunderstood. It was downhill from there, another 1500 feet, and a short drive back to town for Mari Baldwin, Sean Breslin, Daphne James, Rob Castleberry (leader) and nonmember Karen Rayle.

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