Get Acquainted Hikes

June 16, 2010

The two Get Acquainted hikes started at Hendricks Park and continued on the Ribbon Trail to 30th Street with a stop at the Obsidian Lodge. What a surprise it was for the nonmembers to catch their first glimpse of the lodge in its unique landscape. Inside the lodge, we used the self guided art guide. Hopefully our club can sponsor more of these hikes. The trip took around 1 hours. Nonmember, Mindy Hollenbeck, participated in the 10:00 hike. Thirteen signed up for the 5:30 hike. Members, Daniele Delaby, Margit Hollerud, Janet Jacobsen, Sandra Larsen, John Moser, and Barbara Schomaker were joined by nonmembers, Roberta Chord, Kristy Downs, Keith Christiensen, Inger Janemark, Noy Rathakett, Rinzin Wangchuk, Joanne Whitfield,

Hikers were members Daniele Delaby, Margit Hollerud, Janet Jacobsen (leader), John Moser and Barbara Schomaker; and nonmembers Roberta Chord, Keith Christiensen, Kristy Downs, Mindy Hollenbeck, Inger Janemark, Noy Rathakette, Rinzin Wangchuk and Joanne Whitfield.

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