Oregon Dunes

June 5, 2010

With a small party of three eager to enjoy some sunshine, we departed Eugene in the usual cloud cover. After driving through the tunnel on the way to the coast, the clouds disappeared and we were warmly and brightly greeted. The sun persevered throughout much of the day and the coast was comfortably warm. After leaving the dunes overlook, we descended to the beach, and then hiked several miles south, noting where the return loop left the beach. After an hour’s walk on the beach, we started back and then stopped briefly for lunch, as the wind had picked up. We then took the return loop through the dunes, briefly missing the posts that mark the way, and arrived back at our starting point having enjoyed a delightful day on the coast. Members Suzanne Steussy and Darko Sojak joined leader Paul Flashenberg on a dry sunny day.

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