Clear Lake

May 30, 2010

The last few days of good weather helped pull in a few additional hikers: We were a group of 12, six members and six non-members, one of whom has completed his application. The lake was glorious and the trail is dry (mostly), and in good shape despite the hoards of bicyclists that were riding around the lake with us. If I say there were 35 to 40 cyclists, I am not exaggerating! They were polite and careful. About a dozen boats drifted on the lake, only a few with fishing poles. The bright overcast covered the mountain peaks, so the view was limited to the lake, but that was sufficient. We saw a handful of ducks and one possible osprey. A Stellar’s jay joined us for lunch at the Great Spring. Wildflowers were scarce, a few tickseed monkey flowers, in rocks along the trail. If the sun ever comes out to stay, spring is ready to come on fast. It was wonderful to see all the new faces and we hope to see each one again soon.

Nonmembers were: Noy Rathakette, Roberta Chord, Barry Taub, Myungok Yoon, Jhea-whan Hong and John Moser, who has turned in his application and was ‘considered a member’ for this hike. Members were Lynda Christiansen, Walt Dolliver, Joella Ewing, Clara Emlen, Dan Bates and Barb Revere. Thanks to Barry (and Joella) for offering to drive.

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