Fall Creek

May 26, 2010

Roaring creek, muddy trail, rain, sun—it was a good trip. I’d canceled once due to no signups and this time two of us set out for Fall Creek. It was raining but this spring you never know what might happen weatherwise. Fall Creek was as high as I’ve ever seen it, sometimes almost too loud to talk over. Wet ferns brushed against our legs, some almost waist high (we saw sword, lady, maidenhair, bracken and licorice ferns). Moss on the trees was thick and spongy. The trail has a lot of small hills so it was a good workout. There are many exposed roots to watch for and in some places the trail had crumpled a bit on the outside (saw horse hoofprints maybe from last fall). One bridge had a board missing and another looked as if it might collapse soon. Lots of muddy places. But it was a beautiful hike. Water droplets sparkled on the wood sorrel, even without sunshine. There were a few short periods of sun on the way out and more on the way back. Wrens sang from the hillsides. We saw a pair of mergansers trying to swim upstream against the strong current. The burned over area is coming back nicely with dogwood in flower, vine maples getting tall and of course lots of fireweed that will bloom a little later. No place for shelter for lunch so we settled on a semi-dry place under a yew tree. Saw only one other hiker and her wet, muddy dog. Thanks to member Charlie Van Deusen for being willing to brave the elements! Susanne Twight-Alexander, leader

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