Dorris Ranch

April 25, 2010

A cool crisp clear day greeted us as we set out on our walk around the trails of this “living history” park. Dorris Ranch is one of Springfield’s little hidden treasures. One osprey, and several swallows greeted us, with jays and squirrels adding their noisy two-cents. Larkspur, camas, bleeding heart and one nice patch of trillium ‘chimed’ in for the wildflowers. The trails are in mostly good shape with only a few mud wallows that are easy to skirt around. Brush along the river has been cut back to increase river viewing. Thanks to my cheerful companions for making this a special walk. It was good to get out and be among friends.

Hikers were: Walt Dolliver, Marshall Kandell, Joanne Ledet, Margaret Prentice, Barb Revere (leader), Tom Revere, Ruth Romoser, and Judi Kandell.

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