Trestle Falls/Brice Creek

April 24, 2010

Somewhat overcast skies kept the seven of us cool as we made our way through the forest on our initial climb to Upper Trestle Creek Falls. The falls were roaring due to the recent rains and looked spectacular. Trilliums, fawn lilies and other woodland wild flowers were spotted as we made our way on down to Brice Creek trail and lunched at Lund Park. Continuing down to Cedar Creek, the sun began to peek out and it warmed up nicely. We scouted a lot of swimming holes along the way and decided that a hot July or August day would be a great time for a return trip. Three members-Karla Rusow, Judy Terry and Guy Strahon were joined by Four nonmembers-Marie Stringer, Tiffany Cavin, Claire and Lance Beekman.

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