Peavy Arboretum

April 6, 2010

No one signed up for the hike, so I went alone. Now it will not be exploratory. It was a good day despite a few showers. McDonald Forest has nice all-weather trails with a few muddy spots. The path is mostly through open second growth forest with lots of understory, ferns in fiddle, and lush mosses. The spring flowers were spectacular: fawn lilies, Indian plum, wild current, fairy slippers, wild iris, star Solomon seal, Oregon grape, borage, bleeding heart, yellow violet, a daisy and a couple more. There were lots of birds calling: particularly winter wrens, chickadees, and pileated wood peckers. There were some slow wildlife: slugs and salamanders. The clouds cleared enough for summit vistas. It was very quiet; I only met one guy with his schnauzer. Wandering through the old growth forest was worth the trip all by itself.

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