Spencer Butte Litter Pick-up

September 1, 2010

Melanie Grubman and I drove to the main Spencer Butte parking lot to begin picking up litter in our recycled “gift bags.” Melanie recently moved to Eugene and has a broad background in trail building in Vermont and Maryland. She has supervised teenagers building trails. As we walked up the steep west trail, I pointed out the Obsidian trail projects. Melanie said that she was used to pounding rocks with a sledge hammer instead of hauling gravel. Rodney Butler who was also interested in trail work joined our party. We filled our bags with bits of paper, broken glass and pistachio shells. Back at the parking lot, we gifted our bags to the dumpster. I hope that Melanie and Rodney, nonmembers, join Matt on the next trail maintenance. — Janet Jacobsen.

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