Spencer Butte Trail Maintenance

July 28, 2010

No one even the City staffers knew how our project, cleaning off and exposing the cobbled trail bed, for the day would go. To that end Christer and Josh had brought along a variety of tools to try out. They brought shovels, grub hoes, pulaskis, and rakes. The most interesting tool was a Stihl with a Powersweep attachment which, can only be described as a strange motorized creation of rubber wheels with squeegy like flaps.

We made further progress than anyone expected. Christer even cut a log that had, who knows how long ago, fallen over the path of the cobble trail. Thanks to a little muscle and some expert direction from Tom O’Brien, we were able to roll and position a 25+ foot section of the log along the trial.

Participants: Ed Lizewski, Pat Soussan, Bill McWhorter, Dan Christensen, and Janet Jacobsen (members); Tom O’Brien, Todd Larsen, Christopher Cox, Kyle Schnabel, and Marie DeMent (non-members); and Matt Bell (leader).

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