National Trails Day Bucket Brigade

June 5, 2010

For National Trails Day an impressive turnout of 20 volunteers joined two city staffers to form a “Bucket Brigade” to move gravel up the West Spencer Butte Trail.

We brought gravel up to the lowest section of fencing, the farthest a powered-wheelbarrow can go up the trail. From there the buckets were filled and passed up the trail. Each volunteer took a short section of trail and walked the partially filled buckets to the next person.

Though each bucket of gravel was only partially full, our efforts led to 32 ft. of the trail graveled in about three hours. This was the first time since maybe the mid-90s that any work has been done on the upper stretched of the West trail.

In celebration of the day’s achievement most of the group summitted the butte before heading back to the parking lot for snacks.

Participants: Bob Cherney, Anne Blakely, Connie Morehouse, John Willard, Karma Tshering, and Rinzin Wangchuk (non-members); Janet Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, Bill McWhorter, John Moser, Dalen Willhite, Chris Molly, Laurie Funkhouser, Dan Christensen, Lana Lindstrom, Pat Soussan, Richard Hughes, Tom Boyd, and Tom O’Brien (members); and Matthew Bell (leader).

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