Spencer Butte

April 24, 2010

Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts and an injury to Christer LaBrecque we were not able to participate with the City on this month’s outing. But, with their approval we were able to continue our work widening and making the upper reaches of the trail passable for power-wheelbarrows.

We brought our own tools and some of the club’s tools as well. Three of this month’s participants were also High Cascades Forest Volunteers and their expertise proved invaluable. We worked hard moving rocks out of the trail and building a ramp of stones to make the trail passable for power-wheelbarrows. We also took a lot of breaks as an entire sorority hiked the butte for a mother daughter event. It was one of the busiest days we've ever seen on the butte. Including widening a very precarious switchback corner.

We made it as far as we could without further direction from the City.

We’d like to thank Rick McMonagle for his help this weekend and also welcome him as a new Obsidian since this was his third outing this year.

Participants: Ron Robinson (non-member); Ed Lizewski, Rob Castleberry, and Rick McMonagle (members); Matt Bell (leader).

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