Spencer Butte

March 27, 2010

Eleven volunteers met at the main Spencer Butte parking lot and were greeted by a new warning sign noting the sighting of a cougar in the park on March 17th.

We broke into three small groups that would focus on several tasks. Tom, Dan, and Matt tackled cementing in three posts in the sections of fencing we installed over the summer on the West trail. Brent, Dave, John, and Joanne used propane torches to burn more shining geranium around the parking lot. While Rick, Ed, Janet, and Alex continued to work on the main trail just below treeline. Ed expertly used “fulcrums” to remove rocks from the trail. The others brought up and spread loads of gravel where we’d previously worked to reinforce the trail.

Participants: Ed Lizewski, Joanne Ledet, Dan Christensen, Dave Predeek, and John and Janet Jacobsen (members); Alex Lockfield, Rick McMonagle, Brent Schulz, and Tom O'Brien (non-members); Matthew Bell (non-members).

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