Spencer Butte

February 27, 2010

We met up at the main Spencer Butte parking lot on Willamette at 9 am on a very brisk morning, a large group of members (6), non-members (7), and two city staffers. We took a little longer getting prepared as we were treated to a very engaging demonstration by Christer LaBrecque of using propane torches to burn Shining Geranium, a non-native invasive species.

Next, he outlined the main project for the day graveling the work we did last month and improving additional trail below treeline on the main trail. Shortly thereafter we all began up the trail carrying tools, driving power-wheelbarrows, and carrying peeler-cores for shoring up the trail.

After dropping-off what they’d packed up the trail Mary, Pat, and Marti hiked back to the parking lot to begin burning Shining Geranium. While Dylan was getting ready to also help burn the invasives three high school-age boys walked by and were heard to exclaim “Woh, those ladies have flame-throwers!” Probably the most envious comment ever from a passerby. Because of its germination cycle, shining geranium needs to be burned back three times per year. So, there will be a couple of future opportunities to use the torches for those who’re interested.

In the mean time Ed, Alex, Christer, Joe, Dalen, and Matt Yeager worked to widen, clear, and reinforce the trail with peeler-core retaining walls and dead-men. Jim, Brian, Alex, and Chelsea worked to provide a continuous supply of gravel.

It was a beautifully clear day with the sun shining and a lot of really important work was accomplished on the butte. We continued to make progress shoring up and preparing the trail so that work can eventually happen on the summit to delineate a trail and rehabilitate native vegetation.

Participants: Jim Pierce, Pat Soussan, Mary Hamilton, Brian Hamilton, and Ed Lizewski (members); Matt Yeager, Chelsea Gibbons, Dylan Corran, Marti Gerdes, Alex Lockfield, Joe Simons, and Dalen Willhite (non-members); Matthew Bell (leader).

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