South Sister

September 5, 2010

Still another beautiful late summer day — The 12 of us met at the trailhead and were hiking by 9:00. Given the various individual speeds, we were soon spread out along the trail, with the fast group reaching the top in 4.5 hours and the rest of us in six hours. It was quite busy on the mountain, but very festive and friendly — we encountered perhaps 250 folks along the way, including the U of O women’s lacross team.

The summit was clear and breezy, and upon descending into a small sheltered area just 30' from the top, we witnessed a gentleman from Bend proposing marriage to his young lady — she was thrilled, and the subsequent smooching went on for quite a while.

Hikers (climbers) were non-Obsidians Dennis Chappa & David Russell; and Obsidians Margaret Bayless, Martha Welches, Julianna Cichy, Darko Sojak, Richard Hughes, Lana Lindstrom, Effie Neth, Janet Jacobsen, Madeline Blumm and leader Buzz Blumm.

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