Mt. McLoughlin

August 27-28, 2010

Despite increasingly dismal predictions of dropping snow levels and rising chances of rain, our optimistic party of nine left after work to caravan to the Mt. McLoughlin trail head. Surprisingly, or not, we had the trailhead to ourselves. Being the only ones meant plenty of places to stretch out and enjoy the sound of the creek throughout the night.

We hit the trail just after 6 a.m. without the need for headlamps. Just after the McLoughlin trail joins the PCT, we detoured to Freye Lake. As promised, this provided our first glimpse of the summit. And it wasn’t completely socked in! We returned to the PCT/Mt. McLouglin trail and continued on, enjoying glimpses of the lakes below through billowing clouds.

We reached the summit at roughly 10:20. The temperatures were dropping and we were treated with white flakes instead of grand vistas so our stay was brief yet joyful. On the way down we seemed to stay just ahead of the precipitation. We were back at our cars by 1:20 as the mist became a full blown rain. Even with an ice cream stop in Rice Hill we were comfortably home by early evening.

Thanks to each member of the party for making this a fun and smooth trip. If you have the chance to climb with any of these people, do it! Climbers included Obsidian members April Anderson, Deb Carver, Scot Hunt, Shellie Robertson and Sue Zeni, guests Beth Machamer and Cambra Ward, and Co-leaders John Pegg and Juli McGlinsky.

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