South Sister

July 3, 2010

Our group of seven climbers met at the Devils Lake trailhead. Three had spent the night at the trailhead and the rest of us drove up from Eugene on the morning of the climb. We started on the trail at 8:30, relatively late for a climb. Almost from the beginning, we were crossing small patches of snow and by the time we reached 6,200 feet, we were hiking in continuous snow. The weather was perfect: Clear and a little on the cool side. There were almost no mosquitoes! As we neared the Lewis Glacier, we split into two groups. Lubos lead the faster group and I stayed back with those who weren’t quite as fast. We had a self-imposed turnaround time of 2:30 p.m. By that time, three had reached the summit and two were within a half-hour of reaching the rim, while two more rested at the 8,000' level. Climbing in the snow was a new experience for many of us. Even thought not everyone summitted, all agreed it was a fun trip. Making it to the summit were Obsidians Lubos Hubata-Vacek (Assistant Leader) and Chrissy Anderson, and nonmember Shellie Robertson. The rest of our group included nonmembers Dana Gardner and Beth Machamer, and Obsidians Sue Carey and Brian Hamilton (Leader.)

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