Horsetail and Triple Falls

May 29, 2009

This trip was done on Day #3 of the Menucha Extended Trip. Most of the group elected to do this trip, but several folks went home instead and three others did Latourell Falls. This trip is interesting because hikers go underneath Upper Horsetail Falls and then get a view of Oneonta Gorge from a different perspective. Triple Falls is a real treat. Most of the hike is in shade; perfect for a hot day. For additional information about this hike, see the July, 2009 Bulletin article about the Menucha Extended Trip.

Hikers were Mari Baldwin, Anne Bonine, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Paul Flashenberg, Richard Hughes, Sandra Larsen, Joanne Ledet, Ed Lichtenstein, Lana Lindstrom, Norma Lockyear, Peter Rodda, Vincenza Scarpaci and Keith Christensen.

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