Ribbon Trail/Baldy

December 5, 2009

Fog and frost did not prevent eighteen warmly dressed hikers from showing up at Hendricks Park to hike on the Ribbon Trail to Mt. Baldy. We even stopped at the lodge for a peak at the mural. We had a brain challenging car shuttle that allowed six people led by Barb Revere to walk back to Hendricks Park, six people to be shuttled to 30th Street overpass and then walk back on the Ribbon Trail, and five people to be shuttled back to Hendricks Park with drivers Joan Abel and Janet Jacobsen, that should add up to 18. You do the math. At least we didn’t lose anyone. For those who were shuttled, the trip took around 3 hours. Everyone was pleased with “one trip fits all.”

Members: Joan Abel, Jane Allen, LaRee Beckley, Myron Cook, Anne Hollander, Janet Jacobsen, Effie Neth, Sarah Praskievicz, Moshe Rapaport, Barb Revere, Bonnie Richman, Darko Sojak and Charlie Van Duesen; nonmembers: Amber Bullington, Briana Bullington, Mike Bullington, Heather Home and Charlotte Peterson.

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