Deception Butte

November 29, 2009

This trip was scheduled to replace the Larison Rock trip. Leader determined pre-trip that significant downed trees on Larison Rock Trail made that trip a no go and reported the downed trees to the forest service. Participants appreciated the opportunity for a replacement hike. The Deception Butte Trail was fairly dry despite earlier days’ rains. Sunshine was the norm for the day, although we really didn’t bask in it (thick forest) until we paid our dues to get to the summit. We plowed through waist deep powdered snow even though there were only sprinkles on the ground and no mosquitoes! A flyover of at least four jet planes in various formations occurred way, way, way up in the sky while we had lunch. Could the leader have planned such a thing? I’ll never tell while the planes dipped their wings. But the participants wouldn't believe me unless the planes spelled out “Hi Chuck” with their vapor trails. Various conversations took place regarding trees and flora. The participants made the leader’s role easy. They were Mari Baldwin, Mary Holbert and Moshe Rapaport, and Chuck Wagar, leader.

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