Hendricks Park & Ribbon Trail

November 18, 2009

We all thought we’d be squelching along muddy trails because morning rain had been predicted the night before, but the sky was steadily blue and full of nice little puffy white clouds. We weren’t warm in the 50 degree air, but the biting winds waited until we had hiked all the forest trails of Hendricks Park, including an “out and back” on the new Ribbon Trail. We stopped briefly at the Obsidian Lodge to peek under the tarp at the Dallas Cole mural — approvals from all. We did part of the Rhody garden, stopping for a long pause to admire a lone pileated woodpecker who didn’t seem spooked by us at all. A few late flowers dotted the brush and beautiful fall foliage was everywhere, and not all of it underfoot; and that is remarkable considering the rain and wind of the last week. The trails are in great condition in Hendricks as well as on The Ribbon. Our good spirits continued as we reconvened at the Renaissance Room at LCC. The food was interesting, very good, well presented and reasonably priced. Our group of 7, 6 Obsidians and one ‘almost Obsidian’, had a great time getting to know one another and we ate every bite. We were invited back and all agreed that we’d take them up on it. Thanks to my hiking companions — good sports all! Thanks to the Essenbergs and Janet for guidance in Hendricks Park — they knew it better than I did.

Hikers were Keiko Bryan, Dan Christensen, Margaret Essenberg, Richard Essenberg, Janet Jacobsen, Sam Miller and Barb Revere, leader.

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