Ridgeline Trail

March 31, 2009

We hiked the 6.2 mile Ridgeline Trail from Blanton Heights to Spring Blvd. in 2 hours and 45 minutes. It was a cool day with some wind that kept us moving. Yes, we did have time to notice the emerging trillium display, one blooming fawn lily and one blooming hounds tongue. Dan Christensen, Janet Jacobsen, Joanne Ledet, and Jim Pierce pointed out trail sections that the Obsidians have built through the years. That included a new (four days) 250 ft. section of the trail on Mt. Baldy. Many remarked that the Ridgeline trail is in much better shape than previous years. No, we did not have lunch at the new bench on Baldy. Instead we snacked on raspberry chocolate almond M&Ms. We thank the various groups who have spread gravel on the trail. This is a great trip to lead, especially for those that have not hiked the entire trail. Could this be called a thru-hike? Others on the hike: Pat Hutchins, Barb Revere, Ruth Romoser, Susan Sanazaro, Martha Welches, and non-member, Maggie Steel.

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