Pretty Lake/Redtop Mountain

March 1, 2009

We were supposed to go to Birthday Lake, but it was pouring at Willamette Pass, so we continued driving to the east side in search of less miserable weather. We set out from Crescent Lake Sno-Park in light, soon-to-stop-rain to ski the Fawn Lake/Pretty Lake loop. Trail-finding was confusing at times, but Harold seemed to know what he was doing, and thanks to his expert guidance, we found Pretty Lake in time for lunch. We sat at the lakeside enjoying the beautiful view of Redtop Mountain, which Harold has skied many times. The temptation was too much, and we abandoned our Fawn Lake plans and headed up the mountain. Newsflash: Skins. They are an absolute miracle. Some skiers carry extra gloves, food, whatever. Harold carries extra skins. So I got to try them. Wow! Suddenly it felt like I could walk straight up the hill! Susan was carrying eight inches of snow under each ski so she didn’t need artificial climbing aid. I have a great picture of her removing her “skins” at the summit. We enjoyed the gorgeous views on top, then had even more fun descending the 2150 feet to our car in great snow. This concludes my first ski trip as an official leader (even though the only leaderly thing I did was post a sign-up sheet and write this report). Skiers were Harold Thompson, Susan Wanser and Chrissy Anderson (leader).

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