Rosary Lakes

January 17, 2009

We met up in the South Eugene High School parking lot at 6 a.m. and headed for Willamette Pass. We arrived at Willamette Pass a little after 7:30 and began our trip a little before 8. Unfortunately, the snow conditions on the trail were horrendous. The snow was extremely crusty and icy which meant that snowshoes were almost unnecessary. Beyond the condition of the snow on the trail we could not have asked for a better day for snowshoeing. It was sunny all day with not even a single cloud in the sky. In addition there was a very unusual and warm wind from the South. Our group of snowshoers: Brent, Dwight, Ed, Elle, and I made exceptional time up to Lower Rosary Lake, by about 10 a.m. As we skirted along the banks of the Rosary Lakes, Pulpit Rock and the adjoining ridge started to look more inviting. Since we had made such great time and were all still feeling great, we decided to climb up onto the ridge and follow it back South to the bottom of Lower Rosary Lake. We went off of the PCT above the North Rosary Lake and headed up towards the ridgeline. After a very, very steep ascent we reached the top of the ridge and looked for a place to stop and have lunch. We stopped for lunch on a bench on the south side of Pulpit Rock and enjoyed the sun and views. From the ridge we were able to enjoy beautiful views of Maiden Peak to the East, Lower Rosary Lake below us, and Odell Lake to the South. We made our way back along the ridge and then descended down to the PCT below Lower Rosary Lake before heading back to Willamette Pass. Unbelievably, we had not even seen any other people until we were well on our way back to Willamette Pass probably due to the poor snow conditions. Participants: Matthew Bell (leader), Elle Weaver, Ed Lizewski, Brent Clark, and Dwight Golann.

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