Walk Through the Solar System

January 13, 2009

Thanks to the foresight of an Eagle Scout, Eugene has a one-billionth scale model of our solar system. There is an informational plaque near the sun and beside each planet. Our group started at the Sun, located in Alton Baker Park near the outlet from the reflecting pond. The four rocky planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) are within sight of the Sun, but they are scattered around.

Our group pretended we were comets with highly elliptical orbits. Walking faster than the speed of light, we crossed the suspension bridge and hiked along the river to Skinner’s Butte Park. Jupiter is beside the bike path about 0.2 miles beyond the Campbell Senior Center. The other gas giants (Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) are beside the bike path over the next three miles. Our group did not visit Pluto… partly because it is now classified as a dwarf planet… but mostly because it would have added another two miles to our 7.5 mile orbit.

Enjoying the great hiking weather were member Ginny Reich, past-member Suzanne Steussy, and leader Jim Pierce.

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