Bechtel Shelter Snowshoe

January 10, 2009

When a leader schedules a trip they never know the type of weather they will experience. When we reached Oakridge a wind blew so hard that the drivers held tight to their wheel. The road signs warned of spots of ice. The first thing we saw was a pickup on its side with the three occupants wondering how that happened. Within a mile the vehicle in front of us lost control spinning three times landing on the other side of the road facing us. We did not let this stop us. We drove slowly and arrived safe enjoying a spectacular day in the snow. We were the first on the trail with four inches of fresh fluffy powder. The sun was bright and the flakes had large crystals shinning on the surface with lots of tree branches covered in fresh snow. We were enjoying the day so much that we stopped for a short hike over to take in a view of Salt Creek Falls. A day to remember.

Participants were members: Marianne Camp (leader), Daniele Delaby, Paul Flashenberg, Sue Meyers and Jim Pierce; and nonmembers: Donald Burton, Peter Eberhardt and Marcia Maffei.

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