Midnight Lake

January 4, 2009

After a frazzled trip leader arrived, unable to open the frozen trunk of her car which contained the tire chains and her ski boots (She soon got the trunk open—but decided not to take that car up into the snow. What some leaders won’t do to avoid having to drive!)—nine skiers headed up to Gold Lake Sno-Park. We made good time, with no need to put on chains, and headed off on the loop from Midnight Lake to Bechtel Shelter and back to the Sno-Park. Though there had been very little fresh snow, conditions were excellent—light, fluffy snow on a solid base, trail broken but free of frozen ruts, and crisp 20-degree weather under an overcast sky. We quickly reached Midnight Lake, but after a few minutes of admiring it and noticing that it was fairly windy there, we left it to two other groups who arrived just after us, and headed on to Bechtel Shelter for lunch. (And some hungry camp robbers were glad we did!) Gliding through the trees and then on the road down from the shelter was pure joy. We finished a wonderful trip by around 2:30, and headed back. But since it had been such a nice day, we decided we weren’t quite ready to be back in Eugene—so we spent an extra 90 minutes on the highway, waiting for a wreck between Oakridge and Salt Creek Falls to be cleared.

Skiers were Bea Fontana, Brian Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Marcia Karnesky, Satnam Khalsa, Ed Lezewski, Carol Petty, Clare Tucker and Sue Wolling, leader.

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