Fall Creek

October 31, 2009

Seven hikers gathered in the rain at S. Eugene High and took off in two cars—optimistically. We set up a shuttle at Dolly Varden by cramming into Diane’s vehicle and began hiking downstream from Rd. 1828—still in a light rain. The mist and clouds gave a surreal cast to the woods. The trail was still in good shape though we had to fight through a downed, small, tree to cross one of the bridges crossing the several tributaries. Lunch at Bedrock Campground—still light rain—but then the rain stopped, the sky lightened and there were even traces of sun. The creek had much water and many small rapids and there was a colorful mix of fir trees and maples. The hardy and happy hikers were Nola Nelson, Diane Pergamit, Jim Duncan, Dick Hildreth, Susan Sanazaro, Sarah Praskipuir, leader, Ed Lichtenstein. All members, Susan, and Sarah, new.

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