Sahalie-Koosah Falls

October 23, 2009

Three of the seven who had signed up for the Opal Creek hike arrived at the parking lot on this cool, rainy Friday morning. After some discussion about the long drive to and predictions of heavy rains in the Opal Creek region, we did an about-face and drove along the McKenzie River toward McKenzie Bridge for a short hike around the three-mile Sahalie-Koosah Falls loop. Heavy rain fell here too, but the towering overstory of Douglas fir and the droopy branches of red cedar kept us dry for the first mile-and-a-half, or so. We stopped often at noteworthy vistas and took advantage of numerous photo opportunities. The mist and rain did little to detract from the sheer beauty of this emerald forest that boasts the 100-foot Sahalie Falls and the 70-foot Koosah Falls.

Hikers were Chris Cunningham (leader), Sue Meyers, Pete Peterson and Lamonte Smith.

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