Substitute Point

October 10, 2009

On a sunny day we started up the Foley Ridge Trail through scattered patches of snow from a storm earlier in the week. The trail had only recently been opened after closure for almost two years. Using crosscut saws since power tools aren’t permitted in the wilderness, forest service crews had to remove over 400 trees from the trail in the Substitute Point area, so the recently sawn logs lined the trail. Snow deepened to 6-8 inches at the high point, and as the trail began to descend, we realized that the spur trail to the old lookout site on the top had not been cleared and we’d walked past it. After only a few views through the trees of the Husband, South Sister, and Bachelor instead of the panoramic views from the top, we ate lunch in a warm opening in the forest, then started back. The spur trail was covered with lots of fallen trees in the short portion we could see, and with the snow cover as well we decided we’d best not try scrambling through. Despite some disappointment, a beautiful fresh autumn day with hikers Chuck Wagar, Peter Graham, Dan Christensen, Brenda Kameenui, Lamonte Smith, Dick Hildreth, Becky Lipton, Daphne James, Ellie Weaver, Dave Compton (non-member), Ernst Schwintzer, and Rob Castleberry (leader).

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