Maiden Peak

September 27, 2009

A dark shadow lay over this year’s Fall Classic, in the form of the smoke and ash clouds of the Tumblebug Fire south of Oakridge. The Fire HQ cleared us to go on Saturday afternoon, since winds would be blowing the smoke away from us rather than toward us, but several hikers had dropped out already. As it turned out, it was a beautiful day to hike the Maiden Peak Trail and nine hikers left from SEHS promptly at 8 a.m. and met up with Rod Wood at the trailhead. It was such a nice day that we took a little extra time going up through the trees to the summit. The only wind we found was at the top and it was blowing east to west, keeping the smoke well away from us. I never get tired of this hike, and in late September it always seems to work out fine.

Hikers were Margaret Bayless, Marianne Camp, Vickie Foster, Dick Hildreth, Becky Lipton, Sookjae McCarty, Barry McKenzie, Sue Mombert, Rod Wood and Douglas McCarty, leader.

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