Pre’s Trail

September 23, 2009

Despite a little smoke from the fires it was a beautiful day when four of us, Jim Pierce, Myron Cook, Bob Jones and I, met to walk Pre's Trail. The filbert trees were already dropping nuts, a few leaves were beginning to turn so fall was in the air. We stopped to examine the work on I-5 and express opinions about the whole project. Along the canal was a variety of birds and, thanks to Bob, among them we identified cedar waxwings, goldfinches, a Bewick’s wren, and black capped chickadees. There were also the expected ducks and geese. Elsewhere two large blue herons stood in their usual places. Across from the Science Factory we noted two dawn redwoods which will be shedding their greenery later. We looked up to see the rookery ahead, only three of the five nests are visible at present. Our walk ended with a visit to Hayes Tree Garden.

Hikers were Myron Cook, Bob Jones, Jim Pierce and Margaret Prentice, leader.

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