Aufderheide Bike Ride

August 29, 2009

Looked like the deck was stacked against us before we even started our ride. Paul and I found a nail in our car tire and had to get it fixed before leaving Springfield. Then the clouds piled up over the mountains and it looked like rain. Being the intrepid bikers that we are, the group didn’t let the setbacks deter us. We set out from Delta Campground outside Blue River around 10:00 a.m. to bike 23 miles up the Aufderheide Scenic Highway to Frissell Crossing Campground. Our intrepidness was rewarded. The skies turned bright blue and the temperatures hovered around 75 all day. Perfect for biking. Our group was small but compatible. Stewart and George led the charge up the river. Barb, Pat and I brought up the rear. Paul biked back and forth between the two groups and added almost three miles to his ride. This is a really fun ride. It’s a rolling uphill most of the way to Frissell Crossing, but after lunch you’re rewarded with several glorious downhills, especially the last four miles from the dam at Cougar Reservoir to the cars.

Bikers were: Barbara Bruns, Paul Garrick, Pat Gripp, Stewart Hoeg, George Jobanek and Lyn Gilman-Garrick, leader.

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