Deadfall Lakes & Mt. Eddy

July 24-26, 2009

Ten experienced backpackers took it easy on this spectacular trip, cruising three nearly level miles on the PCT to a campsite overlooking Middle Deadfall Lake, swimming often, singing Dutch carols, and sauntering off-trail around this high valley in search of Darlingtonia pitcher plants, wildflowers, woodpeckers, and deer. On Saturday we climbed 9005-foot Mt. Eddy, but even this was not too tough, with well-graded switchbacks. Storms have reduced the summit lookout building to a pile of boards, warranting an update for the new edition of “100 Hikes in Southern Oregon” that the leader is researching, but the view of Mt. Shasta is as gigantic as ever. On this joint venture of Salem and Eugene outdoor clubs were Chemeketans Elly Collier, Matt Federspiel, Mary Coleman, and leader Bill Sullivan; Obsidians Chris Stockdale, Paul Brown, Scott Hovis, and leader Bill Sullivan; and guests Janell Sorensen, Dave Reuter, and Renee Klein.

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