McKenzie View Loop

July 5, 2009

Maybe scheduling a morning bike ride on the 5th of July was bad strategy. Maybe folks had holiday plans or just wanted to sleep in after a night of fun and fireworks. Whatever the reason, I only had two riders join me on the McKenzie View loop bike ride. But the three of us had a fine morning outing. When we met at Skinner’s Butte Park at 9:00, the morning was bright and still cool. Everyone showed up on their bicycle, each of us having ridden from our homes, and we were ready to roll.

The river bike path is always pleasant and the ride through Springfield was interesting as we observed construction progress on the new Em-X line and rode the east-west trail along the EWEB right-of-way. We then enjoyed the very pretty heart of the ride; a rolling rural route along Old Mohawk Road and McKenzie View Drive. We took our short break at the old railroad bridge near Armitage Park. A quick bit on busier roads got us back to the river trail and a return to our starting point before the day began to really warm up.

Thanks to George Jobanek and Sue Carey for sharing their congenial company with me on this very nice, relaxed ride. Doug Nelson, leader.

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