Gordon Lakes

June 27, 2009

Yes, Gordon Lakes really exist. Thanks to another Obsidian member who previously wanted to scout a section of the trail, our group pressed on with the goal of finding the lakes or stopping for lunch at a designated time — whichever came first. The lakes came into view with two minutes to spare! Daphne and Dick found seating for five on a sunny, log bridge over a creek connecting the two lakes. Two of us dipped our dusty feet in the icy water as salamanders swam by. The lakes can also be reached from a different trailhead just .25 miles past the bridge. What were we thinking! The longer route though offers a meandering up and down trail with wildflowers beside the initial switchbacks. Falls Creek is heard more often than seen as it follows the trail to Gordon Meadows, a beautiful expanse of lush greenery. Our final treat was a view of snowy Mt. Jefferson as we descended the switchbacks on our return in the afternoon. Guests Karen Rayle, a previous member, and her mother, Lucy Rayle, joined members Dick Hildreth, Daphne James, and Elle Weaver, leader.

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