Pleasant Hill/Cottage Grove

June 27, 2009

Seven riders gathered in the Pleasant Hill HS parking lot at 10 a.m. on a beautiful sunny day for a ride to Cottage Grove. Getting out of the parking lot proved to be a major challenge. Before we could leave, we were informed that an accident was going to be “staged” in the parking lot for rescue practice. We were asked to move our cars to another area of the school. We did, but it took us two tries to find the area that they wanted us in. Finally, about ten minutes late, we got started. The weather was perfect-no clouds and warm temperatures. We made it to our lunch destination, the Cottage Restaurant, right at noon and had a delicious lunch on their patio. Despite an on and off head wind on our return, we enjoyed making our way back to Pleasant Hill. As we arrived at the high school, a helicopter was being loaded with a stretcher and took off—all part of the rescue training. There were a lot of people working the “accident”. We were glad it wasn’t real and that our cars were in the far parking lot. We detoured out to highway 58 and made it safely to our cars and the short ride back to Eugene. Participants, all members, were Barb Bruns, Stewart Hoeg, Ed Lizewski, Darryl McBee, Pam Morris, Sharon Ritchie and Charlie Van Deusen.

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