Roads End beach walk

June 24, 2009

Under a clear calm blue sky, 11 hikers began a glorious walk on beautiful white sand to the Roads End and Cascade Head headlands. Unusually low tides uncovered many species of sea-life that can be observed only a few days a year. June 24 was a minus 3.0 foot tide as recorded by the OR. Marine Science Service. A tide of this low depth is only recorded every 10 to 20 years.

The group headed north — one hiker with a clam digging shovel in the hopes of finding some great razor clams. Our group was on the beach by 6:30 a.m. at the Roads End State Park and by 7:30. we noticed a large amount of people following. The advertising in the Portland, Salem and Eugene papers about the minus tides brought out many interested beach walkers. Our hikers had the privilege of visiting with some people from Kentucky, New York, California and Washington, along with many neighbors from Lincoln City. The starfish, sea slugs, sea anemones, kelp and many creatures running to get back into the surf were abundant for viewers. A bald eagle hovered over us in flight and then perched itself on one of the snags atop the cliffs and kept an eagle eye on us the rest of the trip.

The large caves usually blocked by water, were explored by many, especially the younger ones who didn't mind crawling. After the 3 miles round trip trek, we enjoyed a brunch at picnic tables along the beach front in the State Park prepared by the Beard family. There were three members, and eight non-members.

Hikers were Paul Beard, Paula Beard, Mark Barrett, Soledad Cortes, Denise Irving, Mark Irving, Amber Knudsen, Kevin Maxiniso, Sam Shell, Pam Young and Barbara Beard, leader.

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