McKenzie Trail: Sahalie/Koosah Falls

June 19, 2009

Margaret Prentice, Barbara Sutherland, Eleanor Wilkerson, Pete Peterson, and Chris Cunningham walked the McKenzie River Trail that passes the 100-foot Sahalie Falls and junior Koosah Falls. The day threatened rain, but as luck would have it, a 15 minute-drizzle was just enough to keep the dust under control. We probably should have paused a little longer to marvel at these breathtaking falls, but we did stop to admire the aquamarine blue pools, which are so vivid against the mossy green banks. We wended our way through Doug fir and cedar forests to Carmen Reservoir, continued on the opposite river bank, and crossed the highway to Clear Lake. A wide space on the bank of the lake was the perfect spot for some R&R.

Hikers were Pete Peterson, Margaret Prentice, Barbara Sutherland, Eleanor Wilkerson and Chris Cunningham, leader.

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