Fish Lake Kayak/Canoe

June 7, 2009

A flotilla of fourteen kayakers/canoeists set off to enjoy a Sunday morning on magical Fish Lake. We had the lake to ourselves so it was especially peaceful and relaxing to paddle off on our own and then rejoin the group as we set off for the far end of the lake. We explored one of the fingers but didn’t go in far before turning around due to a big log barrier. We saw Barrow’s Goldeneye Ducks (named for their brilliant yellow iris) and lots of little ducklings following mom to form their own flotilla. A group of 20 or so Canadian Geese landed and had a honking contest to see which was the loudest. It didn’t rain or thunder but could have been a few degrees warmer for our picnic. Otherwise we all deemed it a perfect day.

Thanks to my very helpful co-leader Daphne James for rounding up people at SEHS, to Sam Houston for rounding up and transporting the kayaks/canoes, and to Rich Romm for entertaining us with the latest jokes, songs and, yes, poetry.

Participants were Marlene Drescher, Pat Esch, Dick Hildreth, Sam Houston, Daphne James, Charlene Pierce, Jim Pierce, Rich Romm, Nancy Whitfield, Keiko Bryan, Monica Deshpande, Carolyn Forell, Fran Rosenthal and Ellen Sather, leader.

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