Kentucky Falls

June 2, 2009

We hit the wildflower jackpot on both the trail and backroads! We also lucked out on weather: we only had rain on the drive over and finished before the evening thunderstorms. Wildflowers captured our interest on the trail down into the canyon and we saw many, including masses of wild iris. Also, thousands of millipedes (worm-like arthropods, two pairs of legs per body segment) were moving over one section of the trail. We could not avoid stepping on them! During lunch below North Fork and Lower Kentucky Falls, we enjoyed the banjo picking of a friendly young man who had been enjoying the falls in solitude until we arrived. The walk out of the canyon was fast and uneventful. The trail is in good shape and the two bridges have been replaced. At a third spot, where a creek runs over the trail, wood is stacked, ready to build another small bridge. The drive in, with many turns and dubious signage, is the big challenge on trips to Kentucky Falls, and I was using a set of directions from the Siuslaw Ranger District website. A honk from the following car told me it had one turn backwards. Stick with Bill Sullivan’s directions and you won't go wrong! Thanks to Rick Gates for driving and thanks to all my hiking companions for the great day out.

Hikers were: Bill Buskirk, Pat Esch, Charlene Pierce, Jim Pierce, Lamonte Smith, Eleanor Wilkerson, Rick Gates, Jim Gillings, Caryl Smartt and Barb Revere, leader.

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