Veneta - Our Daily Bread

May 31, 2009

The weather was beautiful at 9 a.m. in the Amazon parking lot, but the group was small. When I scheduled this ride I forgot that in the days immediately preceding it there would be the Menucha extended Obsidian trip and the Marble Mountain bike ride that many Obsidians participate in. So, it was a hearty hungry trio that headed west up Loraine Highway in search of brunch. As we continued on our route to Veneta, along with the usual sights of birds, cows, sheep, blooming camas, etc., we found ourselves passing biker after biker heading the other direction. Indeed, all three of us recognized people we knew heading the other direction. We never did figure out where people were going and/or coming from, but we refused to be deterred from our quest for food. We arrived safely at Our Daily Bread in Veneta a little before 11 and quickly staked our claim to an outdoor table with an umbrella to shade us from the sun. We then started making innumerable trips to the delicious buffet table. After more than an hour of consumption, we decided it was time to let other brunchers take over while there was still some food left. We then began a leisurely digestive ride back to town via, Perkins, Central, Petzold, and Crow roads back to the west Amazon bike path. Brunchers included Pam Morris, Charlie Van Deusen and leader Stewart Hoeg.

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