Marcola/Brownsville Loop

May 16, 2009

Mother Nature certainly pulled out all the stops today. What an incredibly perfect day for a bike ride. We passed by forests, creeks, rivers, rolling meadows as far as the eye could see, small towns. The last thing I saw was lambs “gamboling” in grass taller than the lambs. The way their heads kept “popping” up above the grass, it was though they had bedsprings on their feet. My most sincere appreciation to my co-leader, Lyn Gilman-Garrick. Without her, this ride just wouldn’t have happened. Also thanks go to a great group of people who dared to join us on this rather long adventure (63 miles!): Paul Garrick, Barb Bruns, George Jobanek, Darrell McBee, Royal Murdock, Bill Aspegren, Joyce Sanders, Stewart Hoeg and Pam Morris — all members.

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