Hendricks Park

April 28, 2009

Despite some confusion on the schedule and a chilly, drippy morning, six of us set out to try and not get lost in Hendricks Park. We only partially succeeded. Once again, the official park trail map left a few things to be desired. Getting lost in Hendricks Park, however, can still be a pleasure... especially when the wild flowers are blooming. With Joan Abel assisting mightily with the navigation and Margaret Prentice spotting (and identifying!) the wild flowers, we were in good hands. Margaret says we saw trillium (some turning pink with age), fringe cup, false Solomon’s seal, a small field filled with blue camas, fairy bells, oxalis (looking like a shamrock), bleeding hearts, shooting stars and a fritillary. The false Solomons seal exuded a heady perfume, while another odd flower was nicknamed old lady’s dish rag for its rather unpleasant aroma. Also on the hike were Yuan Hopkins, Marshall Kandell and nonmembers Ruth Frantz (of Dayton, OH, in town visiting her daughter) and Kathy Koelling. Some said the distance hiked was closer to 2 to 2½ miles. A tour of the rhody gardens afterwards probably counts toward the estimated total.

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