Peavy Arboretum/Finley NWR

April 22, 2009

We had more trails than you can shake an ambiguous trail marker at and three official maps of the area that didn’t agree with each other. This had us scratching our heads and backtracking a bit for the first 45 minutes of the hike; but the day was balmy and the feet willing and we pressed onward to complete, if not the exact route planned, a reasonable and pleasing facsimile. We spotted many of the usual (but still spectacular) spring wildflowers, including Dutchman’s Breeches — which is not so usual in my experience. We had vistas to the west, including Mary’s Peak, and often felt we were very remote, instead of only five miles north of Corvallis. A lone Piliated woodpecker flitted overhead as we returned to the cars, highlighting the trip for the birders. On the drive homeward we made a quick side trip to walk the Woodpecker Trail of Finley NWR — spotting not a one of the hard headed species, but we enjoyed prolonging the lovely day out. Thanks to the faithful hikers who followed us through the spaghetti-maze of trails: members were Walt Dolliver, Jim Duncan (map navigator), Sharon Duncan, Marshall Kandell, Barbara Morgan, Barb Revere and Susan Sanazaro; our one nonmember was Eleanore Wilkerson, who was completing her third trip.

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